Eggs in Debt
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This is a very simple way to prepare a fried egg, especially for kids. There's a ton of ways to dress it up if you wish. It's as simple as one piece of bread and one egg.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Serves: 1 serving
  • 1 egg
  • 1 piece of thick-sliced bread, any type you like. Gluten-free works great
  • Butter or Olive Oil, or whatever oil you prefer cooking with. Coconut, Ghee are great substitutes.
  1. Start by warming an 8" frying pan on the stove over medium heat.
  2. Then, butter one side of the bread, or spread olive oil on it - or if you're feeling especially rich, use a thick smear of a good quality Mayonaisse. Pro tip: Chef's use this to make Grilled Cheese sandwiches even more golden brown.
  3. Depending on how large a slice of bread you have (Sourdough is large, Gluten Free tends to be small) - select a round glass, a juice glass or a measuring cup that holds ½ cup. Use it to cut a hole into the center of the bread. Do it carefully, and reserve the center.
  4. Place the bread, butter side down, in the pan, and spread butter on the exposed side. You can do this beforehand if you're clever and can keep the butter from going everywhere.
  5. When the bottom is slightly toasted, remove the center and set it aside.
  6. Place another small bit of butter in the center of the hole, and crack the egg into it.
  7. You can season the egg with salt and pepper if you wish now.
  8. You may also reduce the heat, so as not to burn the egg.
  9. When you notice that the white of the egg is mostly cooked, gently turn the entire thing over, being careful to not disturb the yoke.
  10. Now, depending on how you like your egg cooked, after 30 seconds it's over easy, a minute, over medium and two minutes, over hard.
  11. Slide the toasted bread with the delicious egg out onto a plate. Take the center that was toasted earlier and place it delicately on top. Viola.
There are so many things you can do to jazz this up.

Place a teaspoon of pesto in the hold before dropping in the egg.
Add a tablespoon of shredded cheese on top of the egg, and under the toasted circle.
Cook a piece of bacon ahead of time, crumble it into the hole before you add the egg.
You could make this in a Panini machine; I'm sure, though I've never tried it.
Recipe by Chef Mark Sylvester at